The Tattoo Decision

Okay, so yesterday I decided to take a HUGE leap and get another tattoo. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not new in the poking needles section. I have a long quote on my back, 4 lines of Roman numerals on my ribs and a semi-colon on my wrist (to signify suicide awareness and Crohn’s/colitis).

But I made an impulse decision to get a big mandala tattoo on my arm and I absolutely LOVE it. Of course, it’ll still take time getting used to it and everything since it’s so gigantic and the first tattoo I can see at all times. But I don’t regret it one bit.

I feel tattoos are the parts of people that show their inner self. They are pieces of art that are portrayed on the body to show everyone their raw, beautiful creations. My tattoos mostly represent my past experiences and my family. The quote on my back is the quote on my mother’s tombstone and the Roman numerals are my family birthdays.

This tattoo means the circle of the universe and everything in it. For even more inspiration behind this, I got the idea from the song Wildflower by Tom Petty.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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