Making the Change

Every year I tell myself that “this” is my year. That this year I’m gonna cry rainbows and get really fit, and healthy, and become who I have always pictured myself as. I will save thousands of dollars, become a successful writer, and meet my future, perfect husband. And yet… every year ends up the same. Me, still a child, ending up on my couch eating chocolate cake and watching 13 Going on 30 *forever alone*.

But doesn’t one of these years have to be my year? I mean, everyone has their “year”, don’t they? Where they accomplish a ton of things, check a lot off places their bucket list or even just eat better and get active. Hell, if you worked hard enough every year can be your year. And I guess that’s what I’m trying to get at, is that I’m going to make this MY YEAR.

You saw it here first, folks! I’m about to make 2017 my betch. And how will I do this, you ask? What is my secret? Honestly… I’m still trying to figure that out. Whether I start working out and stick with it, or finally learn how to meal plan after many failed attempts, I will conquer a few things to push myself towards the person I can see myself being.

I’m tired of being a couch potato, and lazy, and sleepy. I’m tired of not feeling the best about my body, or how I look and feel. I’m tired. But I feel like I’m finally starting to wake up.

I’m finally starting to move in the direction my life needs to go, and I’m finally starting to wake up.


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