How to Deal with the Winter Blues

Wintertime always seems to be connected to spending a lot of time indoors compared to summer, and the lack of vitamin D can actually cause people to feel blue. In my evolutionary psychology class, we learned about melanin and how our skin absorbs the UVb light from the sun, and our body creates vitamin D. This is why summertime is seen more of a happy, energetic season. Really, when I think of winter, I imagine lots of pretty snow, but very cold and very lazy (especially in Canada, we have had two huge snowstorms this week alone).

For today, I decided to give my fellow bloggers a few tips and tricks to get through the long, cold days of snow season.

  1. Keep warm and cozy while indoors! 

There is nothing worse than coming home from a freezing walk outside, and your house being cold and dreary. I love to decorate my little apartment with different types of Christmas lights (all white bulbs), as well as lots of picture frames on my walls of warm scenic views, and soft, fuzzy blankets for each couch!

       2. Find an exciting TV series to follow

For those days where boredom hits and there’s nothing to do, why not turn on the Netflix and catch up on an action-packed show? I recommend Stranger Things, Orphan Black, and Wentworth. (Also Prison Break is coming back soon for any of you Scofield/Burrows fans).

       3. Bake a cake!

Or any kind of sweets! What is better that the smell of chocolate chip cookies filling your kitchen, and wafting through the whole house? Um… nothing? These two recipes for snicker-doodles and no-bake cheesecake will keep you happy, and full for days.

        4. Put down your phone and pick up a book

Yes, that’s right. A book. Anything to immerse yourself into a different world, and get lost for a few hours. I love to read anything that makes me feel like I’m the protagonist of the story line. Right now, my book of the month is The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). I also highly recommend Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, and the Humans of New York series.

        5. Host a gathering with friends

Whether it be a potluck full of delicious foods and desserts, or a games night consisting of Cards Against Humanity, and Katan (please play, best game ever). Being around close friends and family will help relieve any blues you experience and bring lots of happiness and laughter instead.


        6. GET OUTSIDE!!

Lastly, don’t be a full hermit. Yes, it’s fine to stay inside and get things done, whether it’s cleaning or even studying. But your body still needs that vitamin D in the wintertime. And though vitamin supplements give you the amount necessary to function, nothing beats good old fashioned sunshine. There are so many wonderful, fun activities that involves being outdoors. Many cities have huge hills for sledding, public skating, snowball fights, shoveling, skiing, etc. So just get outside once in awhile!!!

Though the list is small, it has surely helped me beat some of the blues. A few other quick tips include joining a gym/yoga studio, working out at home, planning a trip for the summertime, and just keeping yourself busy!

Sunny days are right around the corner, we can do it!


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